Ham & Salami


Premium Chicken Ham


150  g (Approx 12 Pcs)

URO Chicken Ham is the perfect breakfast meat for inside omelettes, or wrapped on hotdogs. The versatility of the ham is perfectly displayed by the best chicken ham on the market, from URO by Meatzza. The richness of the meat, paired with strong curing process of the meat makes this the perfect chicken ham available online.
Storage: Store in Refrigerator at 0-4°C. Open and consume the same day.

Heating Instructions

Serve chilled as cold cut. Can be used in sandwiches, Salad etc.

Storage Instructions

Store in Refrigerator at 0-4˚C. Open and consume the same day.

Allergens & Nutrition Facts

Serving Size:100g
Serving Per Pack:1.5 Amount Per Serving (Approx)
Energy:100 Kcal
Protein:16.4 g
Total Fat:4.1 g
Saturated Fat:1.1 g
Trans Fat:0 g
MUFA:1.84 g
PUFA:1.27 g
Cholesterol:64.7 mg
Total Carbohydrate:3.5 g
Dietary Fiber:2.1 g
Sugars:1.1 g
Vitamin A:0 IU
Vitamin C:0 mg
Calcium:10.4 mg
Iron:4.7 mg
Sodium:905.8 mg

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